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OCEARCH is one of the pioneering research groups that used innovative and new methods to study sharks. Hotier thought OCEARCH would be the best partner for Ulysse, so he contacted Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder.

They finally met at a dinner. Instantly, a bond was created. They discussed the importance of the research being led by Fischer's team, as well as the impact that scientific data could have on ocean life conservation. The partnership grew over the course of the night.

Revolution spoke with Francois-Xavier Hotier (FX) and Chris Fischer about their partnership, shared goals, and what they are doing to protect the most beautiful and valuable creature on our planet.

Chris Fischer, OCEARCH's founding chairman and expedition leader,Rolex Skydweller Replica Watches aboard the M/V OCEARCH. The vessel serves as a at-sea lab.

The OCEARCH vessel is equipped with special equipment to capture sharks and tag them without harming the animals.

How did this partnership begin?

Hotier: My mission in early 2018 was to involve Rolex Skydweller Replica Watches in efforts to save the oceans and sharks. Ulysse Nader regularly launches timepieces that are inspired by shark species and is heavily involved in their preservation through our partnerships. I had been following OCEARCH's work on social media. Last year, I read William McKeever's "Emperors of the Deep". The first chapter of the book begins with OCEARCH mission - it's fate.Chopard Replica After finishing the book, I contacted Chris. We met in Fort Lauderdale at a One More Wave fund-raising event we had organized. It was love at first sight.

Revolution: What about OCEARCH mission resonated with Ulysse?

Hotier: Rolex Skydweller Replica Watches's heritage includes a rich history of manufacturing navigational instruments, especially for ships. We love to say the sea is "our territory." In this spirit, we are very involved in sustainability programs, which leave the world better than when we found it. We've found that our favorite initiatives are the shark research programs, such as OCEARCH, which resonate well with the brand.