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How did OCEARCH begin, Chris?

Fischer: It all started with an ESPN Outdoors fishing show. The idea was to get the entire family exploring the ocean through fishing, free diving and food. We began to take scientists with us on the water during that period. Around 2007, scientists that we were helping began to tell us about the global problem of sharks. The scientists told us that we had lost about 9 percent of all large sharks in the world, mainly due to shark-fin soup. We lost 80-100 million sharks every year. I asked, "What does this mean for the ocean?" I didn't know. They said that if we lose sharks, the ocean will be lost.

OCEARCH, a research organisation, is revolution. Was this a factor that convinced Ulysse to work with OCEARCH?

Hotier: Yes. OCEARCH's expeditions conduct groundbreaking research,Replica Watches and they facilitate collaboration between marine scientists. Their work is vital in understanding shark physiology. Sharks are essential to the ecosystem of the ocean. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches believes it is a corporate social responsibility for Ulysse to help create healthier oceans today and in the future.

Fisher: Awareness is key. How can we give our grandchildren a world we're proud of if we don't bring the issues facing the ocean to a global scale? Oceans provide 70 percent of oxygen, 97 per cent of water and food for billions. We would lose our planet if the ocean disappeared.

OCEARCH's 28th expedition took place in the Lowcountry – Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina – where the team tagged and sampled Hilton, a mature white shark.

Revolution: FX. Have you always been fascinated by sharks?

Hotier: Yes! When I was a kid, my parents and I watched Cousteau on weekends. In college, I studied both natural and human risks. I understand how important shark research is to bacteriology and the development of new medicines. This is relatively new research that offers a wealth of untapped discoveries.ulysse nardin replica Sharks still have so much to teach us. I'm so excited about OCEARCH and the chance to work with them.

Revolution: Did Cousteau influence you too, Chris, or not?

Fischer: After I graduated college and did some self-reflection, I remembered Cousteau. My fascination with the ocean began as a child. Over the course of my life, I developed a deep love for the ocean. Many people seemed to have lost their connection with the ocean because Cousteau was no longer on this planet and there wasn't a group bringing the oceans of the world into the lives of everyone at a global level.