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I was dumb and young enough at the time to set an admirable goal, which was "To bring the oceans of the world into the lives of people at a level not seen since Cousteau."

What is the position of OCEARCH in relation to the current health crisis, then? What is the relationship between this and your battles against pollution, endangered species, etc.? ?

Fischer: As the state of our oceans began to deteriorate, it became clear that the outdated system for ocean research was in need of change. Researchers were forced to compete with each other to win grants, which led to a lack of collaboration. Researchers were operating in silos, trying to beat each other and publish papers to win grants.

These researchers lacked the resources necessary to carry out their research.Franck Muller Replica Watches They had no boats, no money, and no access to the water. We now have 30 researchers from 20 institutions working on 20 research projects for every great white we touch. This has dramatically increased the learning rate and led to peer-reviewed papers that have influenced policy.

Imagine if the COVID-19 talent from around the world collaborated in real-time on their learnings, instead of organizations competing for the first to find the answer and monetize it? We must all understand that we are the only ones. To shape the future of our planet, we must let go of individualism. Money will come in. Business is about doing good.

Why is it so important to partner up with non-profits?

Hotier: I personally believe that a luxury label must actively contribute to the communities in which it operates. In the USA, we've partnered with the Medal of Honor Society, the U.S. Navy and One More Wave,Patek Philippe replica watches an organization created by US Navy Seals to provide surf therapy for disabled veterans. We are now proud to support OCEARCH in its mission. We are proud to support each organization, as they have very different goals.

Revolution: Chris we notice you are wearing a Chronograph; how does it mesh with your job?

Fischer: Understanding the conditions of each animal that we capture, examine, and release is dependent on timekeeping. Time is recorded the moment an animal enters our field of view. The science team is given 15 minutes to complete 20 research projects after the sharks are lifted into a special lift.