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When you joined Tag Heuer Replica Watches in 1998, I remember the expectation and hope that you would be able to incorporate some of the successful practices and aspects from the automobile industry. What lessons can we still learn about the car industry?

As I have only had experience with the German auto industry, I will start there. It is amazing how the German car industry operates its German brands internationally. You can buy a BMW anywhere, whether it's in Singapore, South Africa or Munich. This will be evident in how they treat you, the perception of their brand and so on. From A to Z, consistency is the key. Audi and Mercedes are both examples of this. The watch industry is still not at that level yet. Some brands are popular in some markets but almost unknown in others.

This is what we strive to do at Tag Heuer Replica Watches.Tag Heuer Replica Watches You should be able to see the same attention to detail wherever you encounter Tag Heuer Replica Watches. You will not find any component of our watches that does not have a total focus on quality, and maintain that quality at a high degree of control. We can learn a lot from industries that are successful, such as the automobile industry.

Could it be that the watch industry is only now entering retail? In the past international watch retail and distribution was mainly done through local partners.

Even though your international business may be conducted by partners, I think you can still improve this aspect. The car industry has done business with local partners for years. It is not a good reason to be inconsistent with your approach.

How did you decide to partner with Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, while we're on the topic of partnerships? What are your thoughts about the fact that Tag Heuer Replica Watches is involved in this event for seven years?

We made the decision to partner up with Concorso d'Eleganza pretty quickly. As soon as I joined Tag Heuer Replica Watches we started partnering with cultural events, such as music festivals in Salzburg.patek philippe replica watches We found out that the people were not interested. We looked for a platform that we could use to attract customers, to showcase the brand in an environment different from the usual, and to work with to create something that was more than its parts. It was clear that there aren't too many events on earth like the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. We are also a German company, BMW is a German car manufacturer, and they both do an excellent job supporting the event, without overshadowing the event. It made sense for us to join in the same way. Since then, we have never had any problems bringing our customers here.

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