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A good human tale is sure to touch the hearts of many. Jake Ehrlich of RolexMagazine.com, who conducted a multifaceted investigation on the Loren Janes Submariner, published his findings recently. He helped to clear up the fog and gave us a better understanding of Loren.

James Cox, was one of the many individuals who were touched by Jake's discoveries. He was so moved, he called Jake and gave him a gracious call.

James Cox is, of course the gentleman you remember. He was the man who,U-Boat Replica Watches as a young boy, received a exotic dial 6239 U-Boat Replica Watches from Paul Newman. Later in 2017, he offered the same timepiece for sale at Phillips' inaugural New York auction.

James told Jake that he and Nell Newman were inspired by the news that "the current consigner [of the] Loren Janes Rolex Michael Eisenberg would donate 1/3 of the auction proceeds to The Boys Republic as well as to the Janes Family" to make a significant donation to The Boys Republic via the Nell Newman Foundation in Steve McQueen's honor.

Jake then realized that, given that a large portion of Paul Newman's "Paul Newman", had been donated to the Nell Newman Foundation, it was serendipitous that Paul Newman's legendary Daytona now pays it forward for a charity that was extremely close to Steve McQueen's heart. Do you think it's necessary to remind us that Steve McQueen and Paul Newman were great friends in their lifetime?

James and Nell have revealed that they plan to attend the Loren Janes Submariner sale on October 25, 2018, in New York. They will then make the formal donation.

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